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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bit of a Scare!

Tonight I had the scariest thing happen.....Nate was having his dinner (fish) when all of a sudden he started choking and went bright red!! I picked him up so fast and kept hitting him on the back but he just couldn't get his breathe back....I totally freaked. I knew all the things to do but it was like panic overtook me and I couldn't think what to do. Finally after a about a minute he got his breathe back and he was ok. But OMG scary!! I so need to update my first aid course, I think it ran out a couple of years ago mainly because I didn't want to have it especially while at work because I just panic too much and don't deal with situations real well but after tonight I am definitely going to update it cause you just don't know when you will need it!!

On a brighter note....thank gosh it is March cause I so needed some new challenges!! I have already done 4 LO's this month and had planned on uploading them tonight but my pics weren't real clear so I will do it tomorrow. I am keeping tally this month and I roughly counted for last month and it was 19! Not a bad effort I thought.

So I will be back tomorrow with a LO update but for now here are some pics of Isabelle & Nate I took over the weekend.

The next one was Isabelle the other day....she had lost one of her pony's shoes which is about the size of a 20c piece, so she decided to look in her toy box....

Of course as she went through the box she found all these toys she hadn't seen in ages and was over the moon. So like 2 hrs later, the whole toy box over the floor she found the missing shoe!! So we packed it all up and then about 2 mins later I go back into the lounge room to find this...............
so I asked her what she was doing and all she said was "Mum, I need her crown as well" I couldn't stop laughing.


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