Pieces of Hayles

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's going on??

Well not much happening from me lately, haven't really felt like scrapping at all!! This is very odd for me. All I have really done is my layout for the Amazing Race...which got me through to week 5...

and another one which was the March roadmap for Aussie Pub calls....

I loved how they both turned out....but basically that's it!
I have put it all down to the fact that I haven't brought any new papers or bits and pieces to get me excited and inspired, so that's my excuse to put an order in tomorrow....since it is FINALLY the end of March!! Thank Gosh.

I have a few pics of the kids I wanted to add tonight....Nate has started pulling himself up and pushing his walker along so I don't think it will be much longer before he starts walking, god help me then!! and Isabelle has been her usual funny self. I was sick the last couple of days with the flu and I must have dozed off on the lounge while Nate was in bed and when I woke up she came over and told me she had done the washing up for me cause I was sick!! She actually had to my surprise, beside the fact there was water everywhere.
Anyway here are some pics and then I'm off as it's back to work for me tomorrow...


Shell said...

god that last pic of Isabelle looks like Abbey!!!

EmT said...

OMG Aunty Hayles!!
Nates Hair!! Its sooo long!
Me and mum went shopping today at spotlight.. spent 60 something dollars! haha. There was a sale on things, so we just filled up the basket haha. Adorable photos. I am so annoyed that we're not coming back for easter :( I want to see you guys so bad!

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