Pieces of Hayles

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's going on??

Well not much happening from me lately, haven't really felt like scrapping at all!! This is very odd for me. All I have really done is my layout for the Amazing Race...which got me through to week 5...

and another one which was the March roadmap for Aussie Pub calls....

I loved how they both turned out....but basically that's it!
I have put it all down to the fact that I haven't brought any new papers or bits and pieces to get me excited and inspired, so that's my excuse to put an order in tomorrow....since it is FINALLY the end of March!! Thank Gosh.

I have a few pics of the kids I wanted to add tonight....Nate has started pulling himself up and pushing his walker along so I don't think it will be much longer before he starts walking, god help me then!! and Isabelle has been her usual funny self. I was sick the last couple of days with the flu and I must have dozed off on the lounge while Nate was in bed and when I woke up she came over and told me she had done the washing up for me cause I was sick!! She actually had to my surprise, beside the fact there was water everywhere.
Anyway here are some pics and then I'm off as it's back to work for me tomorrow...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kings of Leon ROCKED!!!

Well I have only just recovered from a VERY late Saturday night after going to Kings of Leon with Sar!! It was a great concert even though I didn't know alot of the songs but they sounded awesome and were so easy to listen to and watch!! Mind you our seats were like 4 rows from the very top of Acer and I was shit scared to stand and dance!! It was all a bit of a laugh really and then we got lost coming home and I ended up getting home at 2am.....Great night though.

So I haven't scrapped at all but have managed to get through to Week 4 of the Amazing race and can now upload last week's entry.....

and the only other page I have done is the 2nd Black Magic sketch using the same papers which were Kaisercraft's Mama Babushka range....so mega cute!!!

So hopefully, fingers crossed I can get a couple of pages done tonight and tomorrow as I still have a few challenges I wanted to complete by the end of the month!!!

Till then xxxx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3rd Time lucky

Well here I was thinking that this week's Amazing Race challenge would be easy..........I finally finished a LO that I was happy with after the THIRD!! attempt. I just couldn't get what I had in my head onto paper, gosh I hope I'm not losing my mojo??????

Anyway this was my first attempt, I got so annoyed with it I really didn't finish it properly. I think it was the title and placement that threw me off!!

This next one I am happy with for a boy page but still not what I wanted....

and my final LO.....well you will just have to wait till next week!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Layout's to share...

Well after a crap week of work I was in desperate need of some scrap therapy so I headed to Sar's yesterday and ended up doing the March Sketch-a-thon at Mystical's and have come up with the following layout's

First sketch was Sar's....

Next was Sara's...

and lastly Cookie's...

The photo's aren't the best but I had no good light inside so I have taken them outside and it didn't seem to pick up the colours real well.....so won't be doing that again!!

Well we are now up to Week 3 of the amazing race at Mystical's and I can finally upload my entry for Week 2 which was to use White & Brown only and required bling. I just LOVE the pic I used of Isabelle and her "boyfriend" Ashton they are just so cute together, he absolutely adores her!!

So I am planning on spending this arvo and tonight scrapping as there are a heap of new sketches up this fortnight which look great and I can't wait to get my hands on them....starting with AR week 3.....has to be warm related and involve red (we are in Egypt)....excited have perfect pic!!
Till then...Bye!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YAY...I'm Finally finished!!!!

I have just FINALLY finished my niece's quilt for her 13th birthday tonight, well finished in the sense that I just need to get it quilted and bind it which really is not much at all. I decided today to get stuck into it and stop putting it off....I would love to put some pics up but I don't want Emily to see it yet!!
So I have not got any scrapping done today and I am heading back to work for a 4day week....shock horror!! Have no idea when I am going to get a few of the challenges done that are due at the end of the week??

Anyway....so my count for March has now hit 12 which isn't bad nearly equals one a day! Here are the last few I have managed to get done.

This first one, which is my fave for this week was Colour Combo's Galore #112....all that hand cutting took me forever!!

Next is Stuck sketch #76....

I finally got around to doing the challenge at Scrap The Girls which I have wanted to join in for awhile but never got around to it, it was a sketch challenge this month and love how this one turned out as well!

And lastly Black Magic's challenge this month....

Also I had to dob myself in yesterday....I blew my challenge for myself....by accident...of not buying any scrap stuff for a month. I grabbed some foam dots and sticky dots and it was only when I was half way home that I realised what I had done!! I really thought I could do it....Guess not!! LOL

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well I haven't really been up to much since Friday....I had planned on doing a heap of scrapping but it Just hasn't happened! I can finally upload my entry in Mystical's Amazing Race as it has been voted for and Week 1 is final so here it is, and I must say there was a heap of amazing entries!!!
The challenge was based on New York and Sex and the City theme, ie girlfriends

I have also done the Scrap the Boys challenge for the first time this month which is purely for the boy's, men in your life. I had to make a few major adjustments to it after Isabelle decided to "colour in" on it.....NOT HAPPY, and now it looks lopsided but oh well, that's what you get for leaving your layouts on the dining table!

I just LOVE!! the sketch #11 at Inspired blueprints this month and will definitely be using it again....

and lastly I completed the colour challenge at Mystical's which I'm not wrapped in this one, loved the colours but just really didn't have any nice papers

I have just finished today the Stuck sketch # 77 & Scrap the Girls challenge but the pics turned out crap so will have to wait for better light.

I just have to add the following pics of Isabelle from the other night.....she made me laugh so hard. She was dancing around in her undies and top singing Pink's So What! song...

Check out the funky hair!!!
That's all.....Bye!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I just quickly had to add this post tonight to say....OMG, I actually won a challenge at Stuck sketches. I was so excited!!! It was the layout of Nate and his first wave which I posted about a week ago. I won a KI memories pack from Mystical's which is great since I am on my "buying scrap stuff" BAN!
Anyway that's all really .......so seeya soon xx

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Layout Update...

As promised I finally got some decent pics of my latest LO's...

Firstly is my take on this months White with 1 which was white, Navy & stars....I thought I was going to struggle there for awhile but things soon turned. Nate & Bronte where playing in my ribbon box when they found my felt navy stars....which fit in perfectly and I had totally forgotten I even had them!! Now I just love how it turned out

The next was January's road map for Aussie Pub Calls that I never got done ....

and I also completed March's sketch challenge at Mystical's....which was done by Sarah so really I had to do it (mind you it is a great sketch too!!)

and lastly I actually did this one last week, just because but had forgotten to upload it ( so no I won't be counting it in this month's tally)

I have also done another one but can't show you yet as it is for Mystical's Amazing Race Comp, but I must say I love it and it was so good, yet strange to scrap something other than Isabelle & Nate!! Might have to think about scrapping some of my wedding pics????

That's it from me....Bye!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bit of a Scare!

Tonight I had the scariest thing happen.....Nate was having his dinner (fish) when all of a sudden he started choking and went bright red!! I picked him up so fast and kept hitting him on the back but he just couldn't get his breathe back....I totally freaked. I knew all the things to do but it was like panic overtook me and I couldn't think what to do. Finally after a about a minute he got his breathe back and he was ok. But OMG scary!! I so need to update my first aid course, I think it ran out a couple of years ago mainly because I didn't want to have it especially while at work because I just panic too much and don't deal with situations real well but after tonight I am definitely going to update it cause you just don't know when you will need it!!

On a brighter note....thank gosh it is March cause I so needed some new challenges!! I have already done 4 LO's this month and had planned on uploading them tonight but my pics weren't real clear so I will do it tomorrow. I am keeping tally this month and I roughly counted for last month and it was 19! Not a bad effort I thought.

So I will be back tomorrow with a LO update but for now here are some pics of Isabelle & Nate I took over the weekend.

The next one was Isabelle the other day....she had lost one of her pony's shoes which is about the size of a 20c piece, so she decided to look in her toy box....

Of course as she went through the box she found all these toys she hadn't seen in ages and was over the moon. So like 2 hrs later, the whole toy box over the floor she found the missing shoe!! So we packed it all up and then about 2 mins later I go back into the lounge room to find this...............
so I asked her what she was doing and all she said was "Mum, I need her crown as well" I couldn't stop laughing.