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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YAY...I'm Finally finished!!!!

I have just FINALLY finished my niece's quilt for her 13th birthday tonight, well finished in the sense that I just need to get it quilted and bind it which really is not much at all. I decided today to get stuck into it and stop putting it off....I would love to put some pics up but I don't want Emily to see it yet!!
So I have not got any scrapping done today and I am heading back to work for a 4day week....shock horror!! Have no idea when I am going to get a few of the challenges done that are due at the end of the week??

Anyway....so my count for March has now hit 12 which isn't bad nearly equals one a day! Here are the last few I have managed to get done.

This first one, which is my fave for this week was Colour Combo's Galore #112....all that hand cutting took me forever!!

Next is Stuck sketch #76....

I finally got around to doing the challenge at Scrap The Girls which I have wanted to join in for awhile but never got around to it, it was a sketch challenge this month and love how this one turned out as well!

And lastly Black Magic's challenge this month....

Also I had to dob myself in yesterday....I blew my challenge for myself....by accident...of not buying any scrap stuff for a month. I grabbed some foam dots and sticky dots and it was only when I was half way home that I realised what I had done!! I really thought I could do it....Guess not!! LOL


EmT said...

OMG i cant wait to see my quilt! haha!
I love the ballerina page! Its soooo cute!
Im loving my blog :D its sooo cool :D
Emily x

Sar said...

All your pages are just divine, my dear! And the hand cutting was totally worth it. You'll have to show me the quilt, I'll see it before you Emily, haha!! ;)

I still can't believe you lost your bet on the scrap stuff....you dag...

So any time for scrapping this weekend, maybe Sunday?

Luv Sar

EmT said...

Hey aunty hayles
I'm not doing anything over the hols. Not that i know of anyway :p
Mum's friend said she was going to run some scrapping classes in the holiday but she hasnt said anything else about it since so i dont think shes going to do them These hols.

Charleegirl said...

Gorgeous Hayley... ha ha... all you needed was 31 days... you made it to what??? 10 he he!!!too funny!!!

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