Pieces of Hayles

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ive been busy!

Well I have been very busy the last couple of days scrapping of course so have a few Lo's to share before I head to bed to start my working week tomorrow. Was planning on doing the blind scrap tonight at Scrap Therapy but just too tired

So anyway here is my Lo for Mystical Scrapbooks colour challenge which was Grey, Pink, Green & White....my fave I think

The next is Inspired Blueprints Sketch # 10 which I had already done but LOVE the sketch that I just had to do it again...

I also completed Stuck's sketch # 75.....which I loved as well cause I have so many pics that are in succession

and lastly Sar told me about another great sketch site called Aussie Pub Calls where they have a monthlyroadmap (sketch) challenge and this was my layout ...

So that's about it for me......I have decided that from next month I am going to keep a tally of my layouts for the month just out of curiosity. Lets see how I go????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Challenge for March??????

Well, I have just finished sorting out my scrap room and OMG......I have just got way too much stuff. Papers are crammed, cardstock overflowing and my embellishment folder wont close!! So therefore I am putting MYSELF on a ban from buying scrap stuff for the month of March! I really don't think I will last but I am going to try really hard...LOL

Just finished two Lo's but will have to upload them tomorrow plus will probably have a few more by then as I am having a scrap arvo at Sar's tomorrow so hopefully will get a few more done (especially since I just printed 100 photo's today)

So seeya till then

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scrap Attack!!

Well the last couple of days have been a total scrap attack, not just scrapping but buying....so much!!! If anyone is looking for scrap stuff www.scrap-pile.com.au has 40% off their embellishment section and heaps of great stuff. I also headed over to Scrapbooking Delights on Sat as they also had a sale on so another excuse to spend more money.....might have to start looking for somewhere else to live soon when Damo finds out!! LOL

So today I spent at Sarah's with Doreen and Kindra for a scrap day and managed a few layouts. This one is using the new range from Three Bugs in a Rug and it is Snips and Snails ( I Think). It is the cutest range for boys!!

This one is just a pagemaps sketch and I have used the new Basic Grey range Marakesh.....it is divine, and the colours are awesome

And lastly another pagemaps sketch using another of my fave papers at the moment, Scenic Route...

Friday night I finally got around to doing Inspired Blueprints Sketch #10 and I don't know why I always make it so hard on myself but I chose Xmas pics again and as we all now, for some reason, Xmas pics are always so much harder to do.

I also finished a LO I had started during the week which was for Scrap of Difference, Cook up a Storm challenge...

Like I said, total scrap attack.....and I'm sure once I get all my orders delivered there will be much more to show as I will be hanging to use my new stuff!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a crap day!!

I had the crappiest day at work today....prob the worst since I started at the new store!! Iv'e had a headache since which sucks cause I was so planning on scrapping tonight!
Luckily both Isabelle and Nate were in great moods.....Nate had his first day back at daycare today since his blood tests all came back clear..Yippee!! Isabelle at the moment is over the moon because one of our neighbours just gave her 10 Bratz dolls as this is her new thing at the moment and she doesn't have any. She has been combing their hair all night, so cute!
Well she has just put her babies to bed and I have finally got her to sleep so Im outta here.....might go and plan some pages so I can start some scrapping tomorrow night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah.....

Well I have had quite a peaceful night tonight as Isabelle was sent to bed early as I told her to "stop mucking around and get her pyjama's on" and her reply to me was "blah, blah, blah" and waved her hands at me and walked off!! So I called her back and told her that it wasn't very nice and she told me that "Daddy" says that to me when I say something!!! ( Well that was news to me but we all know that Isabelle is the truth teller) It was pretty funny but I put her to bed anyway as I needed some quiet time.

So I got some time to finish off a couple of layouts that I started yesterday and the first one was from White with 1 which I wasn't going to even touch as it was a pure white page only!! Crap I thought but gave it a go and am quite happy with the result.

The second was at Black Magic which I also steered away from for awhile as the colours were ones I never would have put together....but here it is anyway

We had a visit to doctors today for Nate and it seems he is nearly back to normal just waiting on his blood results tomorrow and hopefully they are all clear and then he can go back to daycare but he is eating like a horse again and happy all day plus sleeping at least 12hrs a night thank gosh!!
This is how I found him asleep last night and just had to take a pic he looked so cute!!

So then I go to check Isabelle and for some reason she has always loved sleeping on the floor, she was so tired she even had the big dribble flowing out of her mouth!!

Also want to wish my Nephew Jordan a Happy Birthday for today!!!!!! Sorry Lazybelle didn't get a chance to talk to you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Love, Life & Inspiration......


Thanks gosh it is the end of my working week.....not that I work heaps but really looking forward to a couple of days off. So havent really been doing much. Went to crop night at Scrapbooking Delights on Friday with Sar & Kel.....very funny night!! We always have a good laugh and chat and of course the occasional goss!! And yeah also managed two layouts as well which is always a bonus.
First one is a sketch for Stuck sketches, wasn't really liking it much then Sandra gave me a few little ideas and bingo....now I love it. Thanks

Then I did a sketch challenge at Anna's Craft cupboard (which by the way I just love their shop if anyone is looking for a great place to shop online) which is a photo I so adore of Isabelle at her daycare Xmas Party last year.

Was absolutely buggered Saturday morning but so worth it.
Therefore Saturday was quite a quiet day. We had Butch, Michelle & Abbey over for a beautiful roast dinner then we pushed the boys off the table into the lounge room and scrapped for a couple of hours. I only managed one LO but stoked with the result because it was one of those pics that you keep putting off because you really dont know what to do with it.....I know you fellow scrappers know what I mean!!

So anyway just noticed that Leesh has photo-tagged me so basically I have to go to my sixth album then the sixth pic and talk about it so here it is...

It is Natey boy when he had his first taste of solids which for memory was Farex mixed with puree apple. He was four and a half months old which wasnt that long ago really but it seems like ages!!! Don't you just hate how it just flies right by you....

Well this is just way too long now so I am going..BYE!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to Basics

Well I can finally say that after today I have caught up on all that was pushed aside the last two weeks while Nate was sick.....and thank gosh for that, but now I have to go back to work for three days and I'll probably be back where I started. Oh well.
Tonight while the kids were in the bath, Isabelle and Nate were playing and not exactly sure what was so funny but Isabelle had Nate in stitches.....his laugh was so hearty and at one stage I thought he was going to burst!! So, quickly I ran into the spare room to grab the video camera as there was no way I was missing out on this on film and of course...it was not there. Do you think I could find it!! Don't you just hate that.

Well lastly I managed to get a LO done tonight. It was Sketch # 73 at Stuck and its of Emily and Nate.....the whole time she was here she had him and he loved every minute of it...

Well better head off now as I have early start in the morning.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Virgin Blogger!

Well the time has come and I have finally decided to start my blog! So question is where do I start??
Well I figure anyone half interested in my going-ons will already know where I am at so I will just start from today!!

So we finally made it out from hospital yesterday with Nate, it was a long haul in there for 10 days but hopefully he is on track for an excellent recovery from whatever he had as Doc was not exactly sure what he had?? It was the most tiring and stressful time I have ever gone through. Must thank everyone who helped us along the way and all the well wishes.

So first day home, whats the first thing you just gotta do........why scrap of course!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on my scrap supplies, check out the latest challenges online and get to it!

Well I managed 4 Lo's , first one is Use Your Stash at Mystical and its a pic from Nelligen at Xmas.

The next one was from Scrap of Difference....really liking their Cook up a Storm Challenge and this one was Recipe 3

Also managed to get the Sketch challenge done at Mystical which is a cheeky pic Of Isabelle & Damo....

And lastly finished Sketch #9 at Inspired Blueprints of the kids at Xmas!!

Well back to the housework tomorrow now that I have some scrapping under my belt, plus I have to get stuck into Emily's quilt which I am doing for her 13th birthday which is turning out quite funky and fun and the fabrics are just gorgeous but no sneek peeks till then!!