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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah.....

Well I have had quite a peaceful night tonight as Isabelle was sent to bed early as I told her to "stop mucking around and get her pyjama's on" and her reply to me was "blah, blah, blah" and waved her hands at me and walked off!! So I called her back and told her that it wasn't very nice and she told me that "Daddy" says that to me when I say something!!! ( Well that was news to me but we all know that Isabelle is the truth teller) It was pretty funny but I put her to bed anyway as I needed some quiet time.

So I got some time to finish off a couple of layouts that I started yesterday and the first one was from White with 1 which I wasn't going to even touch as it was a pure white page only!! Crap I thought but gave it a go and am quite happy with the result.

The second was at Black Magic which I also steered away from for awhile as the colours were ones I never would have put together....but here it is anyway

We had a visit to doctors today for Nate and it seems he is nearly back to normal just waiting on his blood results tomorrow and hopefully they are all clear and then he can go back to daycare but he is eating like a horse again and happy all day plus sleeping at least 12hrs a night thank gosh!!
This is how I found him asleep last night and just had to take a pic he looked so cute!!

So then I go to check Isabelle and for some reason she has always loved sleeping on the floor, she was so tired she even had the big dribble flowing out of her mouth!!

Also want to wish my Nephew Jordan a Happy Birthday for today!!!!!! Sorry Lazybelle didn't get a chance to talk to you.


Shell said...

well, well, well....fancy finding you here! I was looking at black magic sketches and they have that tracker thing on the side showing where everyone is from and what site they have come from and I saw someone had come from haylesturner.blogspot, I thought, OMG someone has the same name as Hayles and clicked on it only to find IT'S YOU! lol Nice blog Hayles, looking forward to seeing lots more cool pics of my gorgeous neice and nephew on here
shell xx

Sar said...

How cute are those pics!!! Bet you can't wait to scrap those. Love your take on the White with White and also the Black Magic, so glad you gave them a go. The white was easier than I thought too. Hope you have a good working week and hopefully we can catch up for some scrapping on the weekend.

Luv Sar

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