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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Virgin Blogger!

Well the time has come and I have finally decided to start my blog! So question is where do I start??
Well I figure anyone half interested in my going-ons will already know where I am at so I will just start from today!!

So we finally made it out from hospital yesterday with Nate, it was a long haul in there for 10 days but hopefully he is on track for an excellent recovery from whatever he had as Doc was not exactly sure what he had?? It was the most tiring and stressful time I have ever gone through. Must thank everyone who helped us along the way and all the well wishes.

So first day home, whats the first thing you just gotta do........why scrap of course!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on my scrap supplies, check out the latest challenges online and get to it!

Well I managed 4 Lo's , first one is Use Your Stash at Mystical and its a pic from Nelligen at Xmas.

The next one was from Scrap of Difference....really liking their Cook up a Storm Challenge and this one was Recipe 3

Also managed to get the Sketch challenge done at Mystical which is a cheeky pic Of Isabelle & Damo....

And lastly finished Sketch #9 at Inspired Blueprints of the kids at Xmas!!

Well back to the housework tomorrow now that I have some scrapping under my belt, plus I have to get stuck into Emily's quilt which I am doing for her 13th birthday which is turning out quite funky and fun and the fabrics are just gorgeous but no sneek peeks till then!!


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