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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Thanks gosh it is the end of my working week.....not that I work heaps but really looking forward to a couple of days off. So havent really been doing much. Went to crop night at Scrapbooking Delights on Friday with Sar & Kel.....very funny night!! We always have a good laugh and chat and of course the occasional goss!! And yeah also managed two layouts as well which is always a bonus.
First one is a sketch for Stuck sketches, wasn't really liking it much then Sandra gave me a few little ideas and bingo....now I love it. Thanks

Then I did a sketch challenge at Anna's Craft cupboard (which by the way I just love their shop if anyone is looking for a great place to shop online) which is a photo I so adore of Isabelle at her daycare Xmas Party last year.

Was absolutely buggered Saturday morning but so worth it.
Therefore Saturday was quite a quiet day. We had Butch, Michelle & Abbey over for a beautiful roast dinner then we pushed the boys off the table into the lounge room and scrapped for a couple of hours. I only managed one LO but stoked with the result because it was one of those pics that you keep putting off because you really dont know what to do with it.....I know you fellow scrappers know what I mean!!

So anyway just noticed that Leesh has photo-tagged me so basically I have to go to my sixth album then the sixth pic and talk about it so here it is...

It is Natey boy when he had his first taste of solids which for memory was Farex mixed with puree apple. He was four and a half months old which wasnt that long ago really but it seems like ages!!! Don't you just hate how it just flies right by you....

Well this is just way too long now so I am going..BYE!!


Charleegirl said...

I agree....Gorgeous photo of Isabelle. She just seemed so much in her own little world didnt she. LO's are beautiful.... Which one is sitting on the potty though.. looks like Damo is too he he!!!

Sar said...

Love your new LO's, got a surprise when I saw them at Mystical, stoked that you've uploaded them there!! Can't wait to scrap again, Friday night was a classic, I had a ball. Luv ya, see ya when we get back. Sar xoxo

nerllybird said...

Love your pages! Really great kid LOs, lovely pics too!

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