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Monday, September 27, 2010

Featured In Scrapbooking Memories...

I was rather excited to be featured in Scrapbooking Memories this month for "Portrait of a Scrapbooker" along with the talented Gilly Lester.
I'm really not sure who gets more excited to see me or my layouts in mags, me or Isabelle.....she's so proud of me and even did it for her news day at daycrae!! So cute!

I also just popped over to Inspired Blueprints and noticed that I won a prize last month there for Sketch #51, so pretty happy about that also.

For the last week I have had sooooo much Good Karma come my way, in many different shapes and sizes, and I quote a section from the Dalai Lama for reasons for good Karma in your life...

..."Follow the three R's;
- respect for self
- respect for others and
- responsibility for all your actions"....

and another one of his recommendations for good Karma, which is definitely one I have chosen to stick to over the last couple of months when alot of misconception, inappropriateness and nastiness was being flung around is...

"remember SILENCE is sometimes the best answer and to live a good honourable life"

I can proudly say I have adhered to all these pieces of advice, and now I am reaping the rewards for it.

So on a scrappy note, had a bit of scrappy time yesterday arvo with my SIL Shell and I did Sketch #31 at Sketchabilities. Here is the sketch...

and my layout using some Sass Lass and Scenic Route scraps!

Head on over to sketchabilities for some awesome sketches, hope to see you there!!


Renee maree said...

awsome hayley .... great work xoxo

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