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Monday, May 10, 2010

Holiday update....

Well two weeks of my hols has passed, and really in the scrapping sense, I have nothing to show. It has been a flat out 2 weeks between our 8yr wedding anniversary, Natey Boy's 2nd Birthday, pulling up all the carpet in our house and replacing them with floorboards,Mothers Day, Isabelle's birthday on Thursday and now I have the flu!

So anyway here are some pics of my handsome little boy on his birthday....he looks so grown up with his new spike haircut!

Cuddles with Mum in the morning.....

the awesome train cake that Damo & I made ( we were so proud of ourselves..lol)

and one of his pressies...Woody, he so loves him!

I have managed to attend on Savvy crop last Friday and got a couple of pages done. but will have to share them later as I'm not exactly sure were they are at the moment.
So thats the update for now....will be back in action soon....fingers crossed!!


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