Pieces of Hayles

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Catchup

Hope everyone had a fab Easter. We spent the Good Friday at the in laws, kids had an Easter Egg hunt and play and of course heaps of chocolate

Isabelle and Nate with some of their cousins.....Abbey, Chloe and Molly.

Nate hiding in the garage so we wouldn't see the chocolate mess, I think!!

trying to have a family pic but of course there is always one child not willing to participate!! LOL

We then headed down to the Bay to see my family and my little brother and his wife had cam down from Brisbane for a couple of days which was great as we hadn't seen them for about 12mths. So YES heaps more chocolate!!

and lastly a little egg hunt on Monday at home with Daddy as he had to stay home and work so the kids really hadn't seen him for Easter at all....

so that's are Easter....not much time for anything else although I am hoping I will get some scrapping in tomorrow as the weather is lousy at the moment so I can't really do any washing now can I ?? he he he


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