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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back...with news!!

YES I'm finally back from Hol's and have totally missed not having a computer for 10 days......I feel like I have been in another country!! LOL
I totally have the scrap Dt's as I haven't picked up a single scrap item in 10 days and can't wait to get back into it....that is after I unpack and catch up!

So anyways my news is that I am now on the White with 1 team and looking forward to working with the new team of ladies. They always have awesome challenges....with a twist and it is great news that this challenge blog will be continuing!!
So make sure you check out the challenges which are posted at the start of the month and are due by the 30th of every month and layouts that are entered are regularly updated.

So just a quick post tonight as I am buggered and hopefully after the next few days I will be more organised and have a bit more to share.
Till then xxx


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