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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrap the Boys.....Challenge for August!

Well it's time for a new challenge this month and this month you need to get out all those pics of your boys getting involved with food! Whether it be eating, making or just making a mess with food, you need to scrap it! The other part of the challenge is that you must include a cooking term in your title.

Here is my take on the challenge and there was a bit of a story behind the layout that I must share! This particular day I was in the middle of making dinner and Nate was hanging off my leg basically whinging and in the rush of things I dropped the whole container of raw rice all over the floor. Before I even had a chance to grab the broom he dropped to his knees and began eating the rice off the kitchen floor and was even grabbing handfuls out of the container as I shovelled it back in!! So of course what do I do....get the camera! LOL

So head on over to Scrap the Boys and give it a go this month and check out the other great samples from the rest of the CT.


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