Pieces of Hayles

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going through a phase....

Not sure what's gotten into me lately but I have been making so many cards, which is something I hardly ever do.

It started with these two cards I made for Mother's day (sorry about the crappy photo's, was late in the arvo)

so for the last two weeks I have made another 15 cards....OMG what am I going to do with them! lol I haven't even scrapped a layout.

On the up side, I am using up heaps of scraps and leftovers from kits etc that otherwise would probably have never been used. But in saying that I think I have enough scraps to do about 1000 cards!!

So sorry no layouts to share at the moment, hopefully will have some soon.

Till Then


Chantal said...

Hello! Hey your cards are TOTALLY AWESOME! Wow! Cards are so handy to have aren't they? I should really makes some more too. These are brilliant.

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