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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Week......

Well I have had an extremely busy week this week hence the late update! Well Wednesday saw Belle turn 3 and is now apparently a "big girl now" so don't get caught calling her little or she will blow up!!
We had a fairly quite day as we were having her first real party on Saturday. Although we still made it special for her. She finally got the table and chairs she has been asking for as well as a Baby Alive (now named Connie.....don't ask me where she got that name from) and a nappy bag/bottle etc and a pram for her, so she was pretty excited!!!!

Then we had to wait for Damo to come home from work so he could give her the last present which was a kitchen, yet another thing she has been wanting for awhile!

So Saturday we had her first REAL party which was a dress up theme and of course Isabelle was Minnie Mouse Fairy....she looked so friggin cute!!!

Mind you all the kids did actually...here are some pics from her birthday but you will have to hang in there for awhile as I took 300.......LOL

Nate ate like about 20 pieces of fairy bread......and that's not even an exaggeration!!!!

Of course the pinata was a huge hit....literally!!!!

And lastly had to add these two gorgeous photo's of my niece's....this is Molly who looked adorable in her tutu....

and Bronte who fell in love with Isabelle's Strawberry Shortcake and couldn't stop kissing it!!

So thankfully that is the end of my hectic two weeks of children;s parties and christenings!!

I lastly have also managed to get some scrapping done.....not as much as I hoped!!!

Firstly completed Scrap the Boys challenge....I will be the guest designer next month as part of my win last month, bit nerve wracking as I don't really like being put on the spot!

Next was White with 1 which was olive and birds themed....

and lastly was Scrap the Girls which was a sketch challenge this month!

Well that is finally all from me...have a great week xxxx


Shell said...

gorgeous layouts Hayles!! That pic of Molly is absolutely gorgeous isn't it! the one of Abbey....hhmm where does she get the idea of pulling faces like that whenever you point a camera in her direction??

Anonymous said...

Love ALL The layouts aunty hayles! everyone looks sooooo cute in their costumes! congrats on winning the scrap the boys challenge. I cannot wait till June to come and see everyone. Nate and Isabelle and all the kids are growing up so fast and im missing so much! haha.
love ya

Sar said...

I HAVE to have a copy of that photo of Molly to scrap, that is soooo cute!!!

It was an awesome day Hayles, thanks again.

Luv Sar

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