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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Massive Easter Update!

Well thank gosh Easter is over....now just to get rid of the choc eggs before I eat anymore!!
I have so many pics to update so hang in there it is going to be a long one!
First off we spent Good Friday at Val & Dave's & the kids had a ball! We had an Easter egg hunt in the morning....

followed by a great lunch and time for the kids to have a play together....

Then the kids all got a book each and eggs from nanny & Poppy Easter bunny so everyone had to take turns reading them...

Basically kids had a ball and way too much chocolate!!!

So that was just the start cause then on Easter Sunday we had to do it all again. All Isabelle really wanted from the Bunny was a watch and I heard hear screaming Mummy, Mummy, Mummy as soon as she woke up and came flying into our bedroom cause funnily enough he brought her one with her eggs.
the kids couldn't wait to start eating their eggs at 8.00am IN THE MORNING!!!!!

Nate is definitely the chocolate piggy as for Isabelle she's not real fussed!!

Anyways Easter Monday I headed over to Kel's for a scrap day which wasn't the most successful day but still managed two lo"s
Amazing race at Mystical's finished this week also, didn't win but had a great time!! This was my entry for the final week

I also completedWhite With 1April Challenge....just loving making these lollipop flowers at the moment!! I also won a prize last month at this challenge....yippee!!

Also Mystical's Colour Challenge of Kraft, blue, green & white....

Another was Mystical's Sketch Challenge ..... which I won last month, another big Yippee!!!

Also the sketch for Anna's Craft Cupboard .........

I also finished the sketch challenge at Scrapbook Savvy which is a new forum I have ventured to as my SIL is now the new owner, so go and check it out as I know she has plenty of big plans and their is also the online shop which has free local delivery and many new products heading our way!! This photo really turned out dark, here it is anyway but will have to take another pic tomorrow...

So that's it....prob missed something but I am sure it wasn't important.

Bye for now xx


Emma Da Gamemma said...

LOVE that 'drama queen' LO....
by the way....I need to talk to you bout getting a job at woolies'...... because I seriously need $$$! So maybe on msn or something??
mine's.... emma_gamemma123@hotmail.com


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